Friday, 19 April 2013

DLF’s new projects in Woodland Heights Bangalore and DLF Vibhuti Khand Lucknow

DLF is spreading its wings across India by launching new projects in the cities where it haven’t marked its territories yet. These sites include cities like Lucknow, Jalandhar, Goa etc. The reason behind this step is DLF’s new annual objectives which were set during its annual meeting for the financial year 2014. DLF has decided to concentrate its resources in construction and development of residential projects. This is probably the reason behind its coming up with projects like Woodland Heights Bangalore and DLF Vibhuti Khand in Lucknow. Both the cities are unexplored till date leaving both sites with great potential to develop into better cities. Let’s have a look at these sites.

DLF Woodland Heights Bangalore is a premium luxury township located in the Rajapura region of Southern Bangalore. The place is well connected to the major entertainment and commercial hubs of the city including the Electronic City. The site nears a number of shopping malls and branded retail stores making it the best location to stay for a modern nuclear family. Woodland Heights Bangalore also nears major medical treatment centres and renowned teaching institutions so that your family can feel secure and you can let your children have quality education. The gated community is covered by CCTV surveillance making it a secured place to stay. The place makes available all luxury amenities which have become a requirement for all modern families thus highlighting the international standard of living. DLF always focuses on development of the entire locality before actually investing into a project. This is what DLF has done in past and this is how DLF has maintained a set standard of living. Woodland Heights Bangalore offers accommodation in apartment options of 2 BHK and 3 BHK.

Coming to DLF Vibhuti Khand, which is an integrated commercial apartment township. The studio apartments are located in Vibhuti Khand, Gomti Nagar, a plush locality in the city of Nawabs. The construction and conceptual design of DLF Vibhuti Khand Studio Apartments is such that it stands out from the crowd of residencies ever built in Lucknow. The place is located in the suburbs of Lucknow making it a luxury property in itself, plus the design of the towers is epicurean and innovative. The basement is reserved for parking and the ground and the first floors hold retail stores, above the first floor are located the above said Studio apartments. The brilliant designed is being conceptualized by DLF for the first time and it hopes to bag maximum number of clients for DLF Vibhuti Khand


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